Pakistan is a nation of more than 190 million people, 6th most populous country in the world with 2nd highest percentage of youth population. Pakistan has a very promising future. This assessment is based on a historical context as well as an objective review of the future. Historically, between the periods of 1950-2012, Pakistan’s GDP growth was 4.83%, it did not experience a single recession and it never defaulted on a sovereign obligation. This places Pakistan in an exclusive group of responsible nations, and there is a real need to understand this remarkable performance. Pakistan’s banking sector is one of the most resilient and successful ones in the world, which remained unaffected in 2008 global financial meltdown. In addition, real progress and corporatization of the livestock and poultry industries has also been seen, which rank in the top 15 globally. These form an integral part of the favorable forecast for the Pakistan’s economy over the next two decades.
1. World’s largest deep sea port ‘Gwadar’ is in Pakistan
2. Pakistan has 2nd largest salt mines and 7th largest coal reserves in the world
3. About 50% of the world’s footballs are made in Pakistan
4. Pakistan has 7th largest military force with nuclear power in the world
5. Pakistan is 3rd largest English speaking country with 10th largest labor force in the world
6. Pakistan is ranked 5th largest fruit producer with 4th largest mango production in the world
7. Pakistan is declared 7th largest Wheat producer, 4th largest Rice producer and 4th largest cotton producer in the world
8. Pakistanis are 8th highest mobile phone users and it also has 4th fastest broadband internet growth in the world
9. Pakistan is 5th largest milk producer in the world
10. Karakoram Highway which runs through the northern areas connecting Pakistan with China’s Xingjiang province is often described as “Eighth Wonder of the World” due to the marvel of civil engineering as it has taken 15 years to complete by the Pakistan Army Engineers in collaboration with China. It’s been labeled as “World’s highest paved international Road” under toughest terrain of the world.