Mr. Ijaz embraces assorted leadership experience of Pakistan and international market. He commenced his career in 1997 and tailored his skills for the most prestigious national and multinational organizations in the areas of Management, Sales & Marketing. With an impulse of entrepreneurship in his genes his inner soul kept quivering him to meet his vocation i.e. to become an Entrepreneur. He reckoned to initiate his own advertising firm as he was committed with his vision to go ahead with this venture as quality, quantity & delivery has always been the main challenge for this industry. He started humbly by treading baby steps keeping in his mind the bigger picture of his dreams. Throughout his career he has etched many remarkable achievements to his name. Well known as a ‘Man of Initiatives’ and a ‘Perfectionist’, he continued his expedition against all odds. Within no time, without beating about the bush he proved himself in diversification and innovation thus launched successful ventures one after another like Advertising, Publishing, Real Estate, Consultancy and Strategic Planning and in every role he proved himself as a true Entrepreneur. In 2014 he was acknowledged as one of the best out of Top 100 CEOs in Pakistan by a publication.
Mr. Ijaz always wished to help and promote the business community of Pakistan in terms of ‘Business Networking’ as it was the need of time. He is aware of the fact that effective business networking is the linking together of individuals who through trust and relationship building become walking, talking, and advertisement for one another. He strongly believes that it adds leverage to your business and personal connections to bring a regular supply of new business. This provoked him to bring the CEO Clubs Network Worldwide to Pakistan, so may the business community of Pakistan can get the benefit of real time business networking. Mr. Ijaz is idyllic to hold number of certifications for attending prestigious training sessions especially in Management, Entrepreneurship and Marketing.