Investment Potential in Agriculture

Of the total 16.5 million hectares of cultivable land is in Punjab, a vast 1.7 million hectares is still available for corporate farming. Likewise, as much as 30% (3.4 MT) of horticultural produce that goes to waste every year.
This can be converted into economic gain by investing agribusiness value chain industries. Despite being 4th largest milk producer globally and an average annual milk demand growth of 20%, only 3-4% of milk is processed in Pakistan. Significant potential for setting up processing units for local consumption and export exists. With 3rd largest livestock population, the average yield of milk per animal is one of the lowest in the world.
There is massive opportunity for investment in breed improvement, animal husbandry, veterinary medicines. Meat demand in Pakistan is growing at 6% per annum and traditional fattening techniques are outdated. Fattening farms with modern techniques are an area of investment. Likewise, abattoirs, meat processing units, Halal meat export etc., represent significant growth potential.

Power & Energy

Pakistan is facing a severe power deficit since demand for electricity grew by 6-8% per annum in the past years without a commensurate addition in generation capacity. Power deficit is estimated to cost the economy 2% of GDP per annum. Current power deficit stands between 5,000-8,000 MW.
Current energy mix for power generation is heavily dependent on thermal power generation (approximately 70% of generation mix) and the focus is to encourage investments in indigenous resources to generate cheap electricity such as coal, nuclear, hydropower, solar and wind energy generation.