We are committed to achieving new standards of excellence through fusing people into single entity while in Pakistan.
We want to be known for reliability, leeway and responsiveness. Growth, longevity and financial success will naturally follow.


Our mission is to fetch Pakistan on the sphere of global connectivity in order to create value and create difference by contributing to the socio-economic development sector of Pakistan.We also aim to provide a resource for established and growing businesses.


CEO Clubs Worldwide is a global platform aiming at connecting the CEOs and transforming their potential into achievements. Simultaneously, it also focuses on intellectual growth of its members.Read More


The Chief Executive Officers Club Worldwide, Inc. (CEO Clubs International) is a nonprofit organization which creates a nurturing environment for CEOs dedicated to improving the quality and profitability of their enterprises through shared experience and personal growth. The club was founded by Dr. Joseph Mancuso in 1977.Joe believed that there should be a better way to learn than sitting in classrooms reading books and taking notes and exams. Comprised of chapters in the U.S., India, South Africa, Greece, and China, CEO Clubs International is a 40-year-old nonprofit, by-invitation-only membership association. The clubs chapters each meet eight times a year for a half-day luncheon program. A member of one chapter is a member of all chapters and their bio and photo are password protected on the website. The morning is spent in roundtables and a speaker usually concludes the program. Other meetings are also scheduled with no speaker, or with site visits or with members from other countries.

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